A client is a partner.
A candidate is a person.

Everything we do is about those two things.

It all really started in 2001. That’s when Rob and Duncan first met, working for a scientific recruitment agency.

Rob had been in recruitment for a few years, managing teams in a fast-paced environment; Duncan had been in recruitment even longer (yep, he’s the older one) and specialised in senior appointments. You know how the conversation goes: “we could run this better”.

Being money-where-your-mouth-is kind of guys they started their first venture in 2003 with Archer UK, specialising in using job-boards in a different model to the norm.

Fast-forward to 2013. Wiser, greyer (watching sport rather than playing it) Advanced Talent Strategies was born. Still challenging the ‘norm’ it’s recruitment how they think it should be done. More importantly, it’s delivering recruitment in a way you think it should be done.