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Can an architect be commercial?

You may be able to settle an argument.

We were talking about architects.

“They’re too creative to be commercial” she said, “or so technical they’re, well, geeky”.

I vehemently disagreed.

We were talking about architects because of a new assignment we have been briefed on for a Design Director. One of those jobs that is so good I wished I had made different career choices (or maybe just worked harder at school).

Technical of course. Expert in AutoCAD, Revit, BIM and 3D visuals.

Able to lead and motivate a team.

Creative – not in a beautiful-lines way, but in an innovative, space-efficiency way.

But the kicker – a job that needs real commercial gravitas. The ability to present to clients, challenge and excite them, take them on a journey. If you’ve seen Mad Men you know what I’m talking about.

For this role we also need someone that has completed projects in acute hospital settings, but that’s getting into the detail.

I wish I could do it.

Not because of the six-figure package (although that helps, admittedly). But because of the passion and energy of the leadership team. Because of the ambition and potential of the company, the scope and possibilities of the job. And – this may sound cheesy – because of what could actually be achieved.

But I can’t, and at the moment I’m losing the argument, but I’m certain there are people out there that can. And want to.

Please call me on my mobile 07767 466666 (I’m Rob by the way) or drop me a message if you can help prove me right.


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