...in more detail.

From campaign management, to full strategic partnerships - Advanced Talent Strategies is flexible to suit your needs.

 We know how to attract candidates, manage the recruitment process and get the end result – your new employee.

But we do more than that.

We make your company shine. We make the experience better for everyone involved – not just the one that gets the job.

And we give you the capability to do those things too.

Our mission is to constantly innovate and deliver results, supporting your brand to hone the sharpest competitive edge.

Our typical working methodology can be categorised in three ways – however, our primary approach is to tailor everything to work perfectly for you.

This is the gold standard.

We become part of your business, getting to know everything about you and your culture.

We do everything you’d expect great recruiters to do – we’ll write creative and engaging adverts branded to you, make direct contact when needed (yes, we’ll headhunt) and implement robust interview processes that will separate the good from the average.

We’ll get job offers accepted and help get your new employee started. But there’s more.

We’ll work with you to identify where you’re at risk and create contingency plans. If you need help with job descriptions, we can do that.

We’ll build talent pipelines – which will belong to you, not us. Have you got a ‘value proposition’ for potential employees? You soon will.

And we’ll give you full brand reputation management. It’s a partnership. One we’re so committed to, that we’ll never work with any of your competitors.

If you have a one-off recruitment project that needs supporting, we’re there.

We’ll help you understand who and what you need – it may be different to what you first thought.

We’ll create, implement and run a recruitment campaign that will get you the people you want within the timeframes we’ve agreed.

And everything is underpinned by our commitment to managing your brand reputation.

You may be thinking: “what on earth is this?”

It’s how jobseekers and potential employees perceive you.

It’s what your Career pages on your website say.

It’s how your adverts are written and it’s how you respond to applications and when.

It’s your interview process. How you manage the unsuccessful ones as well as how you deal with the ones you want.

It’s your ‘tone of voice’. Is the same effort put into your hiring messages as your sales messages? Thought not. Leave it to us.

We’ll define your ‘employer brand’ and how to communicate it.

We’ll respond to every single applicant.

We’ll ensure your interview process not only identifies the best people but makes everyone involved feel good about you too.

And it matters.